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Roofing Solutions in Wyoming

Premium Siding Installation in Wyoming

Sidings are very important to keep insects and erosion at bay. A simple paint job on your siding can change the look of your house drastically. A well-installed siding can help you avoid the regular cycle of repainting the house every few years by preventing water damage from damaging your paint layers. If you are looking for a reliable contractor for siding installation in Wyoming, Plympton Roofing is there for you. We also serve the Sarnia area and other regions from Grand Bend, Ontario to Sombra, Ontario. 

Let us help you with high-quality siding installation services today. Give us a call and get free estimates.

Types of Sidings

With Plympton Roofing, you get to choose from various options for sidings. Each of them has its own properties and unique features. Here are some of the options you can get from us:

Wood siding

These look great even if left unpainted due to their natural look and texture. If you are looking to add a classic and sober look to your house, wood sidings can be a great option.


If you’re looking for an easy to maintain, affordable and attractive siding, vinyl can be a suitable option. With vinyl sidings, you get to choose from a large palette of colours and finishes.

Hardie board

This is a blend of composite materials and concrete and is considered highly durable. A Hardie board can withstand harsh weather elements like rain, strong winds, snow and humidity with ease while offering lower insurance.

Beautiful Sidings

A siding of a different colour can completely revamp the look of your house.

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